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Waste Collection Schedule

Port Moody is divided into four zones which represent Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday wholesale nfl jerseys and Thursday. if Monday is a holiday then the Monday zone is collected on Tuesday; the Tuesday zone is collected on Wednesday, etc.). The schedule reverts to the regular pattern the following week.

The City of Port Moody publishes an annual calendar which is distributed to every home and business in the city in early December. This calendar also includes the waste cheap jerseys collection schedule and other garbage and recycling information.

Know your bear essentials

Spring weather means that bears have begun to move through the city looking for food. To minimize their access to your food scraps, we started picking up green carts first on cheap jerseys china your collection day

To avoid encounters with bears, make sure you manage your carts correctly. Bylaw 2816 states that residents should put cheap jerseys from china carts out between 5:30am and 7:30am, and bring them in before nightfall. cheap nba jerseys Keep your lids securely closed and locked, until the morning of your collection. Finally, remember to store your carts in your garage, shed or carport not in your front yard.

Collection during cheap jerseys snow and ice conditions

During snowy and/or icy road conditions, the City may find it necessary to delay garbage, recycling and or green waste collection.

If this happens, and your regular collection day is missed, collection will occur on the following day if weather conditions permit. In some circumstances, cheap jerseys collection may be delayed more than one day if extreme conditions persist. cheap jerseys If necessary, collection will continue into the weekend.

Slippery roads, especially on sloped and more challenging streets, are unsafe for large collection vehicles and workers. Our first priority will be to clear/plow roads to make collection possible. Please do not bring in your carts unless there is a special notice posted on the home page cheap jerseys of the cheap nfl jerseys web site advising you to do so. If this occurs, an alternate schedule will be posted to advise when your collection will be completed.

Cart placement during snow conditions

It is the resident responsibility to clear appropriate space at the curb/roadway in front of their property for placement of carts. If you are unsure where to place your carts in severe weather conditions on your street, please contact Operations at 604.469.4574 for advice.Articles Connexes:

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