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Was Ron Jaworski The Puppetmaster Behind Penn State

His connection his « friend » on the search committee is Ira Lubert, a venture capitalist in Philly and a Penn State alum. He is an investor in wholesale nba jerseys many of Jaworski’s businesses, including his golf courses and a Holiday Inn in Philadelphia. In 1994, the pair tried to buy a chunk of the Philadelphia Eagles from Jeffrey Lurie. (Didn’t happen.) Lubert and Jaworski play in golf tournaments together. They make a nice pair: Jaworski’s the respected ex jock with the high profile ESPN gig, and Lubert’s the ex Penn State wrestler with all the money.

The trick in this case will be cheap jerseys shop to find someone who really wants to be Penn State’s football coach amid an unprecedented roiling sea of uncertainty. And then, maybe to form a partnership of cheap jerseys wealthy PSU alums to help bankroll a salary package that will get what’s certain wholesale jerseys outlet to be a strapped university over the top in the crazy arms race that is major college football.

That’s the only way it appears a top Wholesale Football Jerseys China level outside hire will come to Penn State. Because the university not only must budget for tens of millions in possible civil settlements wholesale jerseys but also severe proposed cuts in future commonwealth support. As one well placed alum told me, paying top dollar for a football coach « is not in Penn State’s budget. Nor cheap nhl jerseys is it in its mentality. »

Bear with my conspiracy theory for a moment: Lubert sees an opening he can seize control of Penn State’s football program because, without his money, they can’t hire anyone worthwhile. cheap jerseys china But presumably he wants someone who will kowtow even more than usual. So he realizes he needs to find someone who looks good on paper a New England Patriots offensive coordinator, for example, even though the last two guys who held Cheap NFL Jerseys China that job sucked as head coaches and will command top dollar because of that. But he can’t cheap jerseys actually be established enough that he’d be able to stand up to Lubert. How does Jaworski fit into this? Well, he gets face time with « largely anonymous NFL assistant coaches » every week in Monday Night Football production meetings. He could prod them privately for their interest in the gig, and whether they’d put up with Lubert’s future hectoring. If they assented, he could recommend them to Lubert as real candidates. And from there we get Bill O’Brien.Articles Connexes:

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