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Top pick Nelson Agholor’s mind

Top pick Nelson Agholor’s mind set: ‘Work like a peasant’

Chip Kelly had NovaCare janitor Troy Robinson (left) join him and Nelson Agholor for a photo last week, because the top cheap jerseys draft pick father is a janitor at the University of South Florida. ZACH BERMAN /StaffThe post draft photo opportunity with a first round cheap authentic jerseys pick wholesale jerseys from china and head coach holding a jersey happens in just about every NFL city, but wholesale jerseys Nelson Agholor might have been the only one with the team’s janitor in the photo.

When the Eagles introduced Agholor on Friday, Chip Kelly asked Troy Robinson, the popular janitor at the NovaCare Complex, to join wholesale jerseys him.

Agholor had spent only a few hours in the team’s facility at that point and did not know Robinson. But Kelly knew Agholor is the son of a janitor at the University of South Florida, and it was a quiet tribute wholesale jerseys from china to both Robinson and the father who helped shape the character of the Nigerian immigrant who became the Eagles’ first round pick last week.

« I think I understand the way life works, » Agholor said. « I don’t feel like I’m entitled to anything. . . . Work like a peasant. That’s the mind set. »

Agholor learned from his parents, Felix and Caroline. His mother worked at a nursing home from which she has since retired. His father worked many jobs, riding his bike each morning before he could afford a car. It was not lost on Agholor and his four siblings.

« My parents have raised us to be very humble and to understand everything in life you have to earn, » the former USC receiver and punt returner said.

Agholor moved to the United States when he was 5, after his mother obtained a work visa. His family started in New York before settling in Tampa, Fla., where he had an uncle.

« If I can go back [to] a 5 year old Nelson, I’d probably be confused, » Agholor said. « He doesn’t have a clear view, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. But now I have a path. »

Football helped. Felix was a professional soccer player in Nigeria. Agholor joked that his father’s athletic days are long in the past. His father watches basketball in Tampa, but wholesale jerseys not much football. The children learned football because it was a way to assimilate into their wholesale jerseys china new neighborhood.

« It broke the culture barrier, » Agholor said. « A lot of kids in my neighborhood when I was younger played street football. My brothers and sisters always wanted me to come outside and play. These kids were playing a game, and I felt if we went out cheap nfl jerseys there and learned, they would accept us. And they did. »

Agholor watched the draft from a two bedroom apartment in Tampa he kept while he was training. He thought it was an appropriate way to spend the life changing moment after growing up in a three bedroom apartment with his parents and siblings. Agholor shared a cheap jerseys free shipping room with his two brothers, in what he described as an « amazing » childhood.

Agholor developed into a top high school recruit who spurned Kelly and Oregon for Southern Cal. After three seasons with the Trojans and his selection in the draft, he was able to take the photo that all first round picks remember. It included a tribute to his father.Articles Connexes:

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